ApplicationLocus specific identifierLocus specific identifier
Area of interestFixed cytological specimenFormalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections or fixed cytological specimen
Label(AF555, 3000)Biotin (0100) or Digoxigenin (9900)
Product No.C742K.3000.05C742K.0100.05
Product TypeResearch use only (RUO)Research use only (RUO)
Intended UseThe REMBRANDT® 13q12-FISH detection assay is able to target  the HMGB1 gene on chromosome 13, and allows identification of the 10q12 locus.The REMBRANDT® 13q12-ISH detection assay is able to target the HMGB1 gene on chromosome 13q12, and allows identification of the 13q12 locus.
Kit contentsC742P.3000 LSI 13q12-FISH probe mixC742P.0100 or C742P.9900 LSI 13q12-ISH probe mix
 R018R.0000 Pepsin diluentR025R.0000 PanWash 4 25x SSC
 R011R.0000 Pepsin powderR018R.0000 Pepsin diluent
 R025R.0000 PanWash 4 (FISH) 25x SSC

R011R.0000 Pepsin powder


Z000R.0050 Fluorescent mounting medium

R026R.0000 Pre-treatment buffer

All products are also available as stand-alone RUO products

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